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active parenting now

We are pleased to offer an exciting research-based video and discussion workshop called Active Parenting Now. This program offers an effective and unique approach to improving family life. Active Parenting Now brings parents of children ages 5-12 together over a six-week period. At each session parents identify daily family problems and then learn communication skills for solving and preventing them.

What kinds of problems? Tantrums, chore wars, sibling rivalry, homework hassles, peer pressure… to name a few. The workshop's goal is to help parents raise children who are cooperative, responsible and able to resist peer pressure. It also helps develop communication techniques that will carry into the challenging teen years.

Millions of parents have already benefited from the lively Active Parenting Video-Discussion courses. The multi-cultural videos include a variety of families including a single-parent home and a family with a grandparent living in the house.

For more information or to find out when this program is being offered next, please call the Family Centre @ (902) 827-1461.

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