family support Services

ParentLink - A service which links families with a Certified Canadian Family Life Educator for help, support, or information and referral. In-home, on-site or phone support is availiable.

Healthy Beginnings - An enhanced community home visiting initiative in partnership with Capital Health & Public Health Services. In-home support for families of young children from birth to 3 years - the purpose of which is to enhance the parent-child relationship.

Parenting Journey : A community based in-home / on-site and phone family support program for families with children ages 3 -16 years. The purpose of this program is to promote the healthy growth and development of children & youth by building on each family members' strength, knowledge and resources.

Parent Education Workshops

Where groups of parents get information, and learn and practice new skills to help them in their daily life with their children. And what is our ultimate goal as a parent? To help our kids learn, through the ages and stages of development, how to become fully self-sufficient capable adults in the larger world. We may not need formal training to help them do this, but some support along the way can make the journey that much easier.

Please call the Family Centre @ (902)827-1461 for more information on what we are offering for 2015-2016!

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Family Centre Libraries

Check out our two lending libraries below!

Parent Resource Library

We have a variety of books for families to borrow on topics such as pregnancy, parenting, language development, early literacy, cookbooks, breast-feeding and much, much more! Books can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks. If you need more time with a title, just call the centre to let us know you would like to extend the borrowing time. We accept book donations especially on parenting issues and children's stories. So if you're cleaning out the closets we'd be glad to add them to our shelves!

Read, Play, & Learn Toy Lending Library

Tired of the same activities at home? Why not borrow one of our Read, Play & Learn Bags! We have approximately 30 bags which include such themes as Music, Dinosaurs, All about Me, Community Helpers & our most popular the Giant Building Blocks for the budding architect. A complete list can be found posted in our parent lounge. Each bag may contain books, videos, CD’s or cassettes, puzzles, puppets, games etc! 1st time borrowers need to fill out a ‘Borrowing Contract’ The bags may be borrowed for a two-week period. Upon returning, please have the feedback forms filled out in the bags and let us know if anything is missing or broken!

Other Services

Carseat Safety Inspections

ESFRA has our own certified car seat inspector on staff to inspect your infant, child and booster seats. She will ensure that you have installed the seat correctly and that you are using the proper seat for your child's age, height & weight.

For more information or to make an appointment please call the Family Centre @ (902)827-1461. For more information on Child safety seat regulations please go to this link .

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