Meet our policy board

The Eastern Shore Family Resource Association has a volunteer Policy Board of Directors who meet seven times a year.

Board of Directors 2016-2017

Sara MacInnis - Chair
Coordinator - Eastern Shore Job Search Centre
Jacqueline Sanford - Vice Chair
Advertising Manager - Eastern shore Cooperator
Jennifer Oldham - Secretary
Financial Manager - Pantel International
Leigh Delorme
Home Based Childcare Provider
Judy Leaman
Rehabilitation Residential Worker - Y.A.C.R.O
Darcie Drysdale
ECE/Home Based Childcare Provider
Jayne Breton
Teacher - HRSB
Cindy Hilchey
Finance Director - Ocean View Serving Seniors
Laura Rockwood
Compliance Officer - Manulife
Brenda MacKay
Speech Language Pathologist (NSHSC)